PLA / 3D Active by 3D Active

Tested PLA: 3D Active (by 3D Active). Color of the filament in test: Light green. The experiment can be seen in this video:

Official recommended printing temperatures:

Tmin Tmax
200 °C 220 °C
392 °F 428 °F

Test specimens are printed at 210°C (410°F)

Results of the mechanical testing

Testing method is described on this page. In most cases the break load is measured (in kg).

Test type Value Icon
Tensile (pulling) test 103.2 kg 8
Layer adhesion 52.6 kg  
Impact test - I
Shear stress - m
Bending -  
Torque (twist) -  
Elasticity test -  

Images (spool, temperature tower, Benchy..):


3dactive 3D Active 3D Active 200 220 210 Light green 103.2 52.6 - - - - - x

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