PLA / 3D Active by 3D Active

Tested PLA: 3D Active (by 3D Active). Color of the filament in test: Light green. The experiment can be seen in this video:

Official recommended printing temperatures:

Tmin Tmax
200 °C 220 °C
392 °F 428 °F

Test specimens are printed at 210°C (410°F)

Results of the mechanical testing

Testing method is described on this page. In most cases the break load is measured (in kg).

Test type Value Icon
Tensile (pulling) test - 8
Layer adhesion -  
Impact test - I
Shear stress - m
Bending -  
Torque (twist) -  
Elasticity test -  

Images (spool, temperature tower, Benchy..):


3dactive 3D Active 3D Active 200 220 210 Light green - - - - - - - x

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