Custom threads in Fusion360 (multi start thread, custom profile)

Title: Custom threads in Fusion360 (multi start thread, custom profile). Watch on youtube:

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Designing threads in Fusion360 is very easy until we need only standard single start threads. But if we need some custom threads (custom profile, very big lead, multi start thread etc.), designing is not that simple. This video will explain how to design custom threads using Coil tool. If I have metallic version of designed screw or nut, I will 3D print it and test with that standard version.

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Fusion360 Source files can be downloaded below this text.

Mentioned videos:
Screw printing position Horizontal vs Vertical:

Horizontally printed bolt without supports:

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Thread command
1:51 M10 bolt using Coil
8:40 3D printing M10 bolt
9:03 M10 with two starts
12:17 M10 nut (Coil)
15:09 Custom profile thread
18:41 T8 Pitch 2, Lead 8 mm
24:25 T8 3D printed
24:41 T8 nut (multi start)
27:30 T8 nut 3D printed
27:57 Final words

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Download files:

m10_nut_coil v2.f3d 275.5 kB
m10x30_2starts.f3d 971.3 kB
m10x30_coil.f3d 1208.5 kB
t8_nut_4starts.f3d 1663.7 kB
t8_pitch2_lead8.f3d 1789.7 kB
thread_dimension_calc.xlsx 349.6 kB

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