BIQU PLA MATTLE - mechanical test

Title: BIQU PLA MATTLE - mechanical test. Watch on youtube:

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BIQU sent me one spool of PLA MATTLE filament. Since on box it mention that it has good mechanical properties, I tested the filament from this aspect. I used my standard test specimens, so the results are comparable with those in my previous videos. They can be found over this link:

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 Unboxing
2:09 Temperature tower
3:39 3D printing test specimens
4:39 Tensile test
5:27 Layer adhesion test
5:55 Shear stress
6:30 Bending test
7:10 Torque test
8:21 Impact test
9:13 Temperature test
9:57 Layer adhesion test (235C)
10:56 Conclusions

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Download files:

biqu_pla_results.pdf 130.5 kB

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