What is overhang in 3D printing

Title: What is overhang in 3D printing. Watch on youtube:

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In this video I will explain what is overhang in 3D printing and how to test the maximal overhang angle for your printer, material and printing parameters. Simple definition would be: Overhang is angle between 3D printed surface and vertical line. STL files for testing overhang can be downloaded from links below this text.
There are 3 versions:
1.) overhang angle from 0 to 80° with step of 10°
2.) overhang angle from 0-75° with step of 15°
3.) minimalist test starting from 50°, since safe zone for overhang is 45°, so in test we need angles above this value.

In video you can find few design tips how to use overhanging in 3D printing technique.

Download files:

overhang_10.stl 305.5 kB [View»]
overhang_15.stl 178.5 kB [View»]
overhang_minimal.stl 166.7 kB [View»]

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