Creality CR Touch auto leveling kit, is it better than BL Touch?

Title: Creality CR Touch auto leveling kit, is it better than BL Touch?. Watch on youtube:

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Creality CR Touch is new auto leveling sensor, it should replace the Creality BL Touch version. CR-Touch sensor has metallic touching pin and it looks more rigid than the plastic version of BL Touch. The cables and wiring is same as Creality BL Touch but it requires Creality 32 bit boards. Since the CR Touch is wider and cable connection is on the top, I had some problems with mechanical installation, since I am using 3D printed fan shroud.

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0:00 Introduction
1:09 About auto leveling sensors
2:51 Installing steps
4:17 Unboxing
6:33 Mechanical installation
7:02 Wiring
7:40 Back to mechanical installation
10:00 Firmware update
11:07 First power on
12:31 Set the Z-offset
14:36 Prepare the Slicer (G-code)
14:57 First auto leveling
15:46 Test print
16:32 Final thoughts

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