Creality CR-Touch vs BL-Touch accuracy test (with M48 G-code)

Title: Creality CR-Touch vs BL-Touch accuracy test (with M48 G-code). Watch on youtube:

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My previous video was unboxing and review of Creality CR-Touch. Most important specification of auto leveling sensor is the repeatability and accuracy, and this can be tested with Marlin M48 G-code command. So, one of best answer to find out which is better, CR-Touch or BL-Touch is to check their accuracy. Also, in this video I am answering some comments (what is the mass and exact dimensions of these sensors, with pin out/in)

CR-Touch is sent to me by

and BL-Touch by Banggood:

List of all Ender3 upgrade videos on this channel (including installing of the CR-Touch and BL-Touch sensors):

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0:00 Introduction
1:22 Dimensions (pin in)
1:34 Dimensions (pin out)
2:07 Mass
2:25 About holes, pin
3:19 Preparing M48 gcode file
3:34 CR-Touch accuracy test
4:46 BL-Touch accuracy test
5:56 Conclusions, results

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