Sovol filament dryer box - it can dry two spools in same time

Title: Sovol filament dryer box - it can dry two spools in same time. Watch on youtube:

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Filaments can absorb moisture from the air. PETG and Nylon are more sensitive filaments to this. With PETG user can notice some stringing if filament is not dry. Nylon is even more sensitive to humidity in air, and it must be dried on higher temperatures (above 70°C). Filaments can be dried in oven too but using dedicated filament dryers has more constant temperatures and they can be used during 3D printing process (keep filament dry during longer prints).
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Thermal camera UNI-T UTI260B:
HDC1080 Temperature and humidity sensor:

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Why filament dryer
1:50 Unboxing
3:18 Spool size check
4:40 Display, menu
5:53 Drying a sponge
9:00 Results of drying a sponge
9:39 Results in graph
11:18 Test 2: wet PETG
12:04 Printing with wet PETG
12:32 Drying the PETG
13:31 Power consumption
13:55 Dry PETG
14:12 Through thermal camera
14:54 Printing dry PETG
15:32 Conclusions

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