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Title: Magnetic Dice. Watch on youtube:

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Just for fun, I was testing magnetic dice to get often the number 6. I don't recommend to anybody to use this in real game, main reason for this video was to test inserting an object into 3D printed object. 3D printing is process, which you can pause, insert some object and continue the 3D printing.
I was inserting small magnets I bought on ebay, they should be 6×1mm but they were smaller, so I adopt my design (6×1.8 mm was a hole for 2 magnets)
Easiest way for me to pause the printing is to use the tool on Prusa website for inserting M600 command in g-code for filament (color) change.

Then I replaced the M600 command with my code. From some reason M601 command produced infinity pause, so I had to enter other code, this worked for me:

G1 X10.000 Y200.000 E0
G28 Y

What they do:
M300; beep
G1 X10.000 Y200.000 E0; parking position, push forward the bed
M1; user stop
G28 Y; home y if you need to remove some filament from nozzle
M105; return to current temp

Dice STL files can be downloaded below this text.
Pause has to be inserted on 2.3 mm layer height. Printing layer resolution is 0.1mm.

Design is optimised magnets Ø6×1.8 mm (from ebay 2 pcs of Ø6×1mm magnets, but they were smaller, so this is why I changed the hole size). .
If you are using other magnets, you have to change the hole size.

Have fun.

Download files:

dice_cube_pause_2.3mm.stl 163 kB [View»]
dice_sphere_pause_2.3mm.stl 363.7 kB [View»]

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