Is this another solution for food safe 3D printing? Nonoilen filament from Filamentum.

Title: Is this another solution for food safe 3D printing? Nonoilen filament from Filamentum.. Watch on youtube:

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Nonoilen filament by Filamentum may be another solution for food safe 3D printing. Since I work on Food Engineering Department (at and I am trying to implement 3D printing in my workplace, it is very important to find solution, where 3D printed object can have direct contact with the food. So far, I tested coating with epoxy resin, smoothing the object, using antibacterial filaments etc. Nonoilen filament may survive 110°C, this means object can be placed in boiling water or in dishwasher on high temperatures. The printability of this material is similar like PLA. I also did some mechanical tests too, since manufacturer claims, that this is tough material. There is one error in video, unit of bacterial test is CFU and not CFU/cm2, but the ratio between two tests is correct.
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STL file for test cup can be downloaded below this text
I used smart temperature tower by GaaZolee

0:00 Introduction
0:59 About Nonoilen
2:18 Unboxing
3:41 Temperature tower
4:37 3D printing test objects
5:25 Layer adhesion test
6:05 Tensile test
6:40 Impact test
7:40 Bending test
8:12 Temperature test
9:49 Results
10:00 Boiling test
11:41 Bacterial test
13:07 Conclusions

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Download files:

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