Creality filament review - Part 1 (PLA, SILK, PETG, TPU, ABS, Carbon)

Title: Creality filament review - Part 1 (PLA, SILK, PETG, TPU, ABS, Carbon). Watch on youtube:

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6 different Creality filaments on the test: CR-PLA, CR-SILK, CR-PETG, CR-TPU, CR-ABS and CR-Carbon (enhanced version, Nylon carbon fiber).
In this first part (after analyzing the specifications) I am 3D printing the temperature tower to choose printing temperature for my test specimens. The total printing time was approximately 40 hours. All test specimens can be downloaded from website. PLA, PETG and ABS filaments I bought myself. TPU, SILK and Carbon filaments are sent to me by Creality. Mechanical tests will be in part 2:

CR-Carbon (enhanced version):

Other used equipment:
Storage vacuum bags:
Ender3 V2:
Creality enclosure:
SUNLU filament dryer:
Micro Swiss all metal hotend and direct drive extruder:
Temperature tower:

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0:00 About Creality filaments
1:23 3D printing specifications
2:24 Unboxing
4:32 3D printing with CR-PLA
6:25 CR-SILK printing
8:24 CR-PETG printing
10:59 CR-TPU printing
14:46 CR-ABS 3D printing
18:22 Motors in enclosure through thermal camera
19:32 CR-Carbon (Nylon CF)
25:22 Outro

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Download files:

bending.stl 0.7 kB [View»]
hor_v4.stl 62.7 kB [View»]
izod_specimen.stl 9.3 kB [View»]
shear_5mm_hor.stl 90.6 kB [View»]
temperature_test.stl 1.5 kB [View»]
twisting_test_6mm.stl 82.9 kB [View»]
ver_v4.stl 243.9 kB [View»]

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