Drillpro Durometer. How Shore Durometer works? What's the hardness of 3D printed plastic materials?

Title: Drillpro Durometer. How Shore Durometer works? What's the hardness of 3D printed plastic materials?. Watch on youtube:

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Let's talk about what is the hardness, how Shore Durometer works and what is the hardness of 3D printed plastic materials. Two Drillpro Shore Durometers (scale Shore A and D) are sent to me by Banggood for the review. But also, in this video I tested the effect of the direction of measuring (layer direction or perpendicular to layers), effect of the temperature to the hardness. In last experiment I tested if Poldi Hammer can be used with 3D printed materials to measure the hardness.

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Other equipment used in the video:
Drill stand:
Poldi hammer (mine is 30 yr old kit):

Mentioned in the video:
Sunlu filament dryer:
Patent by Albert F. Shore:
Shore hardness scale:

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STL files for 3D printed educational durometer can be downloaded below this text.

0:00 Introduction
0:27 What is Hardness
1:12 Measuring the hardness
2:50 About Shore Durometer
3:37 How durometer works?
5:54 Drillpro Durometer review
9:09 Manual measuring (from hand)
9:59 Hardness of 3D printed materials
11:38 Direction of measuring
13:14 Hardness of PLA, PETG, ABS, RESIN, TPU
17:28 Effect of temperature to hardness
19:10 Results
21:30 Poldi hammer for plastic hardness
24:32 Conclusions

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Download files:

durometer-drill-stand-holder.stl 110.5 kB [View»]
durometer_body.stl 28.7 kB [View»]
durometer_gear.stl 316.6 kB [View»]
durometer_indentor.stl 7.5 kB [View»]
durometer_spring.stl 184.2 kB [View»]
poldi-etalon.stl 1.1 kB [View»]

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