Eibos storage vacuum bags with USB electric vacuum pump (EURUS)

Title: Eibos storage vacuum bags with USB electric vacuum pump (EURUS). Watch on youtube:

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Eibos storage vacuum bags are designed especially for filament storage with valve in the middle and double sealing line. The EURUS USB vacuum pump can be screwed on the valve and powered from mobile charger or power bank. It can suck the air from the bag in less than a minute. I could successfully use this pump with my Banggood bags too. Valve cover together with double sealing line will reduce chance of air leaking to minimum.
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Storage vacuum bags from Banggood:

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Unboxing
1:27 Spool size
2:08 About bags
3:11 Using
5:04 Power consumption
5:22 Conclusions
5:48 Using the Pump with other bags
6:33 Final thoughts, coupon code

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