Sound level meter from Banggood - UYIGAO UA961 Decibel meter

Title: Sound level meter from Banggood - UYIGAO UA961 Decibel meter. Watch on youtube:

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This is the review video of UYIGAO UA961 Sound level meter sent to me by Banggood. Measuring Sound level may be done with smartphone applications, but values may variate 20 dB or even more, depend on the phone type. For precise measuring a dedicated decibel meter is much better. This will be very useful tool for me in future product review videos, because I can measure the noise level from different 3D printers, filament dryers etc.

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0:00 Introduction
1:37 Specifications
2:10 User manual
2:31 Turning ON
3:35 Three loudest things in my flat
4:42 Tram noise
5:15 Car noise
5:48 Filament dryer noise
6:10 Ender3V2 in enclosure noise
7:12 Conclusions

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