4 sided dice - D4 (Tetrahedron) - Design and 3D printing

Title: 4 sided dice - D4 (Tetrahedron) - Design and 3D printing. Watch on youtube:

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In my previous video I was playing with magnetic die. That project reminded me, that they are so many interesting dice types. In this video I will show how to design 4 sided die (Tetrahedron) using Autodesk Fusion 360.
I have 3D printed 2 versions. 1st is the classic tetrahedron body. 2nd is tetrahedron wires with spheres on corners.

Content of this video is:
0:00 About D4
2:58 Design tetrahedron die in Fusion 360
11:17 Design of D4 die with spherical corners.

Magnetic die video:

STL files can be downloaded below this text:

Download files:

dice_4_spheres.stl 451.4 kB [View»]
dice_4_tetrahedron.stl 156.6 kB [View»]

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