LW-PLA vs LW-ASA by Colorfabb, which one is stronger?

Title: LW-PLA vs LW-ASA by Colorfabb, which one is stronger?. Watch on youtube:

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LightWeight (LW) filaments are designed for RC planes or modelling, where you need same volume but with reduced weight. These filaments can change the density in function of the temperature. On higher temperatures volume increases thanks to the foaming, so to keep the same volume, flow rate must be reduced. The foaming effect increases the volume but also strength will be reduced. This is a comparison video to find out how strong are LW-PLA and LW-ASA filaments from Colorfabb.

LW-PLA filaments:
LW-ASA filaments:

Mentioned in the video:
Density of PLA:
Density of ASA:
Flow correction for LW-PLA by CNC-Kitchen:
Creality enclosure:

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0:00 About LW filaments
2:05 Unboxing
3:33 PLA for reference
3:59 Slicer settings for LW-PLA
4:56 3D printing LW-PLA
6:45 3D printing LW-ASA
13:02 The weight and density
14:12 Layer adhesion test
15:27 Tensile test
16:38 3 point bending test
18:03 Shell object bending
19:41 Impact test
21:09 Temperature test
22:31 3D printing airplane model
25:34 Conclusions

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