Fair 5 sided dice - D5 - Design and 3D printing

Title: Fair 5 sided dice - D5 - Design and 3D printing. Watch on youtube:

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The mysterious 5 sided dice, is it a fair die? In this video I am designing, 3D printing and testing five sided die with geometry of triangular prism.
In first part I was looking for optimal length of the prism. If triangular base is 20mm then fair dice has length between 12-14mm.
After testing with rolling on cutting mat, I designed and 3D printed the final version with length of 12.5mm.
And bonus: the real fair D5 is pentagonal prism with rounded base sides.

2 STL file can be downloaded below this text.

Five sided dice patent:

Download files:

dice_5_pentagonal_prism.stl 323.7 kB [View»]
dice_5_triangular_prism.stl 113.9 kB [View»]

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