Sunlu S2 filament dryer review. Fila Dryer S2 vs S1 comparison

Title: Sunlu S2 filament dryer review. Fila Dryer S2 vs S1 comparison. Watch on youtube:

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Sunlu fila dryer S2 is improved version of S1 filament dryer. According to specifications, it can be set to 70°C temperature and it is equipped with heaters from the top and bottom of the dryer, which results more equal heating. On the side it has nice display with touch buttons and this dryer can measure the relative humidity too. Nice design and improvements, but what are it's drying capabilities? Let's find out..

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0:00 Introduction
0:27 Why to use filament dryer?
0:47 About S2
2:32 The design
4:36 Spool size
6:05 Turning ON
6:18 The display and menu
8:48 About the experiment
10:53 Starting the sponge test
12:27 First 30 minutes of the test
12:52 Last 30 minutes of the test
14:07 Temperatures of the heating elements
16:08 Sponge test results
16:44 Recorded temperatures and humidity
18:29 Conclusions

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