Installing OMG V2-S extruder to FLSUN Super Racer 3D printer

Title: Installing OMG V2-S extruder to FLSUN Super Racer 3D printer. Watch on youtube:

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FLSUN Super Racer is a fast delta style 3D printer. The main issue I have with this printer is the extruder and I am not the only one who have same opinion about this BondTech clone. The replacement will be OMG V2 extruder by My3D. OMG is a full metallic extruder with same gear ratio (1:3) but also has dual gear drive (it push the filament on two positions). From (my) mechanical aspect, this extruder is real peace of art. Highly recommended.

Mentioned in the video:
OMG on Aliexpress:

FLSUN SR 3D printer:

Two trees teflon tube:

Prusa lack enclosure (spool holder):

Estep gcode (text file) you can download below this text.

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0:00 Introduction
2:34 About old extruder
3:09 About new, OMG extruder
5:25 Disassembling
6:27 Unboxing
7:36 Assembling OMG extruder
14:17 First test
15:05 E-steps
17:30 3D printing
17:47 Conclusions

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Download files:

estep-400.gcode 0 kB

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