On the test: Mustool G1200 Digital Microscope from Banggood

Title: On the test: Mustool G1200 Digital Microscope from Banggood. Watch on youtube:

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Banggood asked me if I want to do a review of the Mustool G1200 digital microscope. I always check the ratings, the 4.9 stars out of 5 from 1600 reviews is really impressive, so I accepted the request, and I wasn't disappointed. Great product, but I always give a suggestions for improvement (mentioned at the end of the video). As warning, the most important is to mention, that when SD card is full, the oldest video will be overwritten without the warning, pay attention to this, use bigger TF cards. As summary, highly recommended electronic device which will improve the quality of my future experimental videos.

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STL for the tilting knob can be downloaded below this text. With the knob we don't need the open end wrench every time we want to change the tilting angle. It can be printed without supports, only sacrifice layer has to be removed.
There are two versions, one for stronger hands (30mm diameter knob), the second one with additional M5x50 screw (or longer) to raise the torque. (the second one is under construction)

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0:00 Introduction
2:39 Unboxing
3:27 Assembling
5:00 The back side
5:47 Inserting the SD card
6:11 Buttons, menu
8:55 Measuring the ZOOM
10:44 Examples (3D printed objects)
12:30 Examples (Nozzle)
12:43 Examples (Knife)
12:55 Pencil and Pen
13:09 Electronics
14:25 Examples (Biology)
15:31 Tilting knob
16:01 Conclusions

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Download files:

knob-samples.jpg 273.8 kB
microscope-knob-v1.stl 175.5 kB [View»]
microscope-knob-v2.stl 180.2 kB [View»]

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