Eibos Series X: Easdry filament dryer review, the new vice-champion

Title: Eibos Series X: Easdry filament dryer review, the new vice-champion. Watch on youtube:

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I got the opportunity to do the review of Eibos Series X Easdry filament dryer. This dryer is much cheaper compared to its bigger brother, the Cyclopes and according to specifications, it can reach the temperature of 65°C. I tested this dryer with my standard experiment, where I am drying a soldering sponge with added 2mL of water. Also, I recorded the temperature and relative humidity changes in 1 hour test. The results are downloadable from my website.

Tested dryer
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Filament dryer comparison table:
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The results can be downloaded below this text.

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0:00 Introduction
0:14 Why need for filament dryer
1:08 About the test
1:26 About Eibos dryers
3:14 Unboxing
3:52 First impressions
5:31 Spool size test
6:49 The Noise test
8:37 Preparing the experiment
10:22 Starting with drying
12:18 Sponge test results
12:42 Temperature and RH data
13:21 Conclusions

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Download files:

easdry-manual.jpg 590 kB
eibos-easdry.xlsx 28.4 kB
results-easdry.png 128.7 kB

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