3D printing Yes-No coin with inserted screw washer

Title: 3D printing Yes-No coin with inserted screw washer. Watch on youtube:

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In my Dice mania video series, I noticed, that I skipped the D2 dice, a coin. And I would like to design and 3D print a coin with Yes and No texts on it. To get better feeling of the coin, I inserted a screw washer into 3D printing, so it is really heavy. I printed it in 2 colors, so the text is more noticeable. The only issue is that it doesn't give that flipping coin sound.
Online tool I used for inserting the M600 command for filament change:

More about Printer pause code I used you can see in my video about magnetic dice:

STL file used in this video can be downloaded below this text.

Layer heights for color changes are:
0.4 mm (not 0.2 mentioned in video) filament change, after printing the text NO
3.4 mm pause the printing for inserting a washer
4.0 mm last filament replace, before printing text YES

Design is optimized for 0.2 mm quality layer height 3D printing.


Download files:

yes_no_coin.stl 571.5 kB [View»]

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