Creality Ender-2 Pro, the cheapest Creality 3D printer (unboxing, assembling, review)

Title: Creality Ender-2 Pro, the cheapest Creality 3D printer (unboxing, assembling, review). Watch on youtube:

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I tested (currently) the cheapest Creality 3D printer, the Ender2 Pro. The printing quality is very similar to Ender3-V2 3D printer. The two main disadvantages, compared to Ender3 is the print volume (165x165x180mm) and maximal bed temperature (80°C). Ender 3 is able to move with higher speeds, but printing speeds are similar (moving on higher speed may be useful when nozzle travels between prints from one spot to other). User of Ender2Pro must also accept, that there are less upgrades available, compared to Ender3 (like dual Z axis, direct drive extruder..)

This printer was sent to me by Creality3Dofficial:

Mentioned in the video, recommended upgrades:
All metal extruder:
Yellow springs:

0:00 Introduction
0:17 Specifications
1:20 Unboxing
2:46 Assembling
7:34 Turning on
8:05 Bed leveling
9:59 Inserting the filament
10:52 Printing manufacturers gcode
12:23 Preparing Cura slicer
13:18 Printing own gcode (Benchy)
15:19 What is inside?
17:48 Thermal runaway protection test
18:43 Conclusions

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