My first Ender-2 Pro upgrade: yellow springs

Title: My first Ender-2 Pro upgrade: yellow springs. Watch on youtube:

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Highly recommended Ender-2 Pro upgrade: yellow (stronger) springs, they will hold the position of the bed much longer and you don't have to level the bed so often. The replacing is easy and quick, but in this video, you can also find the reason for this upgrade.

The springs I got are 20mm long, but according to website, they are 25mm. Just in case, if they are too long, move the Z limit switch higher:

Mentioned in the video:
Silicone vs yellow springs video:
Yellow springs on Ender-3 V2:
Ender-2 Pro review:

This printer was sent to me by Creality3Dofficial:

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Reason for the upgrade
2:29 Measuring the unrolling force
4:02 Disassembling
4:54 Side-by-side, dimensions
5:33 Assembling
7:07 Bed leveling
7:45 Conclusions

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