3D printer noise comparison video - 10 printers compared

Title: 3D printer noise comparison video - 10 printers compared. Watch on youtube:

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3D printer noise comparison video: Sound level measured from 10 different 3D printers: Creality (Ender-2 Pro, Ender-3 V2 (direct drive, but with stock fans), Ender-5 Pro, Ender-7, Sermoon D1), Prusa MK3s, Kywoo Tycoon, BIQU B1 SE Plus, Artillery Genius Pro, FLSUN SR.

Noise level meter:
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Noise comparison table:

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0:00 Introduction
1:47 Measuring method
2:58 Audio recording method
4:18 Ender-2 Pro
5:02 Artillery Genius Pro
5:19 Sermoon D1
5:49 Ender-5 Pro
6:06 BIQU B1 SE Plus
6:30 Ender-7
6:48 Ender-3 V2
7:05 Prusa MK3S
7:17 Kywoo Tycoon
7:34 Results
7:49 Noise side-by-side
8:10 Conclusions

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