3D printed objects coated with epoxy resin - but why?

Title: 3D printed objects coated with epoxy resin - but why?. Watch on youtube:

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Why to coat 3D printed object with epoxy resin? I collected some claims from several manufacturers and I want to check them one-by-one are those claims valid or not. These points are:
- Food safe
- Stronger
- Shiny
- Waterproof
- Thermal resistant

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Mentioned in the video (Food safe 3D printing):

Materials and methods:
Test specimens: BIQU PLA filament
Benchy: PolyTerra Matt PLA filament
Epoxy: XTC-3D by Smooth-On (I bought it myself)

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Preparing test objects
2:49 Food safe?
3:57 Stronger?
6:09 Shiny?
6:58 Waterproof?
9:04 Thermal resistant?
11:08 Conclusions

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