Lotmaxx Shark V2 - two color 3D printer and laser engraver review

Title: Lotmaxx Shark V2 - two color 3D printer and laser engraver review. Watch on youtube:

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Lotmaxx Shark V2 is dual color 3D printer (with two extruders, one nozzle) and laser engraver with module of 1.6W. First impressions are, that quality of single color printing is great. Two color printing is also very clear, if it pass the problems which may appear on first few layers. The laser part works, but it needs a lot of improvement (mostly from software side). It arrives with auto bed leveling- and filament runout sensors.
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0:00 Introduction
1:48 Unboxing
3:54 Whats inside
5:28 Assembling
10:54 Overview
13:05 Inserting filaments
14:21 Turning ON
14:46 Bed leveling
16:34 Single color printing
18:28 Noise
20:20 Dual color printing
22:49 Preparing the slicer
23:23 Two color Benchy
25:08 PVA water soluble supports
26:54 Installing the laser module
29:11 Lotmaxx Laser software
29:31 Engraving with default settings
30:10 Laser g-code modification
30:21 Engraving with modified settings
31:14 Conclusions

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