3D printed very simple turntable for video shoot

Title: 3D printed very simple turntable for video shoot. Watch on youtube:

Tags: turntable, 3dprint, 3d printed turn table, product design,

After my 3D printed object is ready, I would like to record it from every side. For this a turntable is a perfect solution, but I need one with very simple structure, without battery or electric power. I just need 2-3 turns to record short video about product.
For this I designed very simple solution, where I am using ceramic ball bearing (known as fidget spinner bearings).
Important part is weight near the edge of turntable, to get more rotation thanks to moment of inertia. For this I designed threats for 12 M6 nuts.
STL files used in video can be downloaded below this text.

Download files:

turntable_cover.stl 41.7 kB [View»]
turntable_rotating_part.stl 762.6 kB [View»]
turntable_statis_part.stl 20.7 kB [View»]

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