Creality SR-SCAN Lizard, compact 3D scanner by Creality

Title: Creality SR-SCAN Lizard, compact 3D scanner by Creality. Watch on youtube:

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Creality CR-Scan Lizard is a 3D Scanner which can be used in two modes: The turntable mode for more accuracy scanning of smaller object and the handheld mode to scan bigger parts. It has some very interesting features, together with CR-Studio software, it can recognize two different poses so, we can scan some hidden parts of the object, which wouldn't be visible if scanning in only one position. Compared to CR-Scan 01, the Lizard is more accurate, but with smaller view angle. This means, the turntable mode can scan small details but we have limitations in object size. The handhold mode needs more practising. Unlike the Scan-O1, the Lizard in default version don't scan colors (textures), only the geometry.

0:00 Introduction
2:15 Unboxing
4:41 Hardware installation
6:46 The software
7:37 Scanning in Table mode
9:23 Fixing in Meshmixer
9:56 Slicer and 3D printing
10:17 Measuring the scanning distance
10:47 More examples: turn table mode
13:03 Scanning in Hand Scan mode
15:17 More examples: Hand scan mode
16:42 Suggestion for improvement
17:43 Turn Table + Hand Scan mode
20:26 Scanning the human face
21:44 Conclusions

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