Atomstack Y-axis rotary roller for laser engraving cylindrical objects

Title: Atomstack Y-axis rotary roller for laser engraving cylindrical objects. Watch on youtube:

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Atomstack R3 Rotary Roller Y axis for Laser Engraving Machine is designed to be compatible with many other laser engraver brands too. Unlike many other similar products, this one can accept longer cylindrical objects for engraving. Minimal diameter of the object is approx 5-6 mm (tested). It doesn't require any changes in the software, installed stepper motor is replacing the linear Y axis of the laser engraver.

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0:00 Introduction
0:48 Unboxing
2:11 Assembling
3:23 Min/Max diameters
4:17 Engraving on cardboard (up-side down)
6:04 Engraving long cylinder
6:55 Engraving on wood
9:08 Engraving on aluminum can
9:34 Engraving small diameter object
10:10 Final thoughts

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