Pergear LaserStorm S10 10W laser engraver - unboxing, review, testing..

Title: Pergear LaserStorm S10 10W laser engraver - unboxing, review, testing... Watch on youtube:

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Another 10W diode laser engraver on the test: Pergear LaserStorm S10. After unboxing and assembling, I tested it with different materials: plywood, MDF, acrylic, stainless steel, glass. This machine is equipped with Atomstack 10W laser module.

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0:00 Introduction
1:34 Unboxing
4:33 Assembling
9:45 Engraving from SD card (manufacturer NC)
12:04 Engraving from SD card (own code)
13:00 Vibration of the module
14:26 Connecting to laptop
14:53 Engraving plywood
15:51 Engraving grayscale image
16:32 Cutting plywood
17:38 Cutting MDF wood
18:25 Cutting black acrylic
18:54 Engraving stainless steel
20:00 Engraving glass
21:49 Conclusions

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