PCTG vs PETG by Fiberlogy - is PCTG really better?

Title: PCTG vs PETG by Fiberlogy - is PCTG really better?. Watch on youtube:

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I was curious about PCTG filament, is it so much better than PETG? PCTG belongs to the same family of polyesters as PET-G but with increased impact strength and temperature resistance. So let's find out is it really worth of extra cost..
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0:00 Introduction
0:28 About PETG
1:34 About PCTG
2:21 Print temperatures
3:08 Price
3:42 Unboxing PETG
4:36 Printing PETG
6:43 Unboxing PCTG
7:25 Printing PCTG
9:49 Temperature towers
10:04 Tensile test
10:33 Layer adhesion test
11:10 Shear stress test
11:33 Bending test
12:12 Torque (twist) test
13:34 Temperature test
14:25 Impact test (Izod)
15:49 Hardness
16:30 Creep test
18:33 Results
21:00 Conclusions

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