3D printing spherical six sided dice - D6 sphere

Title: 3D printing spherical six sided dice - D6 sphere. Watch on youtube:

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The mysterious spherical D6 dice is here! In this video I will design and 3D print two versions of this exotic six sided die. First version is with classic hole of dual polyhedron (two square based pyramids), according to Wikipedia. And second version is with rounded corners, where mass point goes lower and die will stop faster. For connecting hemispheres I used new designed pins printed in PETG material. Dice are printed in PLA. Recommended steel ball for this design can be from 10-15 mm diameter. I used 15 mm balls.

More about spherical die on Wikipedia:

STL files used in video you can download below this text. v11 is with sharp corners and v2 is with rounded corners which will stop faster.


Download files:

4x5mm_pin.stl 39.1 kB [View»]
d6_v1_hemisphere_1.stl 379.8 kB [View»]
d6_v1_hemisphere_2.stl 340.8 kB [View»]
d6_v2_hemisph_1.stl 750 kB [View»]
d6_v2_hemisph_2.stl 750.4 kB [View»]

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