3D printed closed loop timing belt - any good?

Title: 3D printed closed loop timing belt - any good?. Watch on youtube:

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Let's find out if we can use 3D printed closed loop timing belts. I was testing with different designs, materials and also I tested these 3D printed belts from mechanical strength aspect too.

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STL files and results you can download from:

0:00 Introduction
2:13 Design
4:41 3D printing settings
6:29 Materials
8:41 About pulling force
10:06 Tensile (pulling) test
12:00 Prolongation (deformation) test
15:27 Torque test
20:33 Durability test
22:56 Results
24:42 Conclusions

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Download files:

gt2-60.stl 2739.2 kB [View»]
timing-belt-results.xlsx 25 kB

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