Testing Prusament filaments by Josef Prusa - PLA, PETG, ASA and PC Blend

Title: Testing Prusament filaments by Josef Prusa - PLA, PETG, ASA and PC Blend. Watch on youtube:

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Prusament filaments on the test: PLA vs PETG vs ASA vs PC Blend. These filaments by Josef Prusa are most popular materials in Prusa 3D printer users community. Most of these testing methods are comparable with those made in earlier videos. All filaments are bought by me, thanks to kind donations, since Prusament didn't want to sent sample filaments (they didn't even reply to my requests).
Results can be downloaded below this text, at the bottom of the page.

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Video is long, but you can jump to any part using these time stamps:
0:00 Introduction to Prusament
1:56 Printability
5:28 3D Printing PLA
6:51 3D printing PETG
9:29 Preparing enclosure for ASA
12:06 3D Printing ASA
14:07 3D Printing PC Blend
19:45 Temperature towers
20:15 Tensile (pulling) test
21:01 Layer adhesion test
21:55 Shear test
22:33 Bending test
23:44 Torque (twist) test
24:55 IZOD impact test
26:43 Hardness
27:16 Temperature test
28:55 Creep test (bending)
32:54 Creep test (screw)
34:42 Results
38:04 Conclusions

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Download files:

prusament-results.xlsx 57.7 kB

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