Revopoint MINI 3D scanner review

Title: Revopoint MINI 3D scanner review. Watch on youtube:

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Revopoint Mini is a 3D scanner which uses blue light (instead of infra red). It is accurate, but more sensitive to ambient light.

Scanned file can be downloaded below this text.

0:00 Introduction
1:19 Unboxing
3:27 Connecting, power on
4:16 RevoScan
5:32 Scanning: single position
6:40 Scanning: 2 camera positions
7:19 Scanning: 2 object positions
9:06 3D printing
10:08 Scanning dark object (+spray)
12:49 Handheld mode
14:37 Handhold mode (with markers)
17:54 Testing diferent colors
18:54 Conclusions

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Download files:

coin-one-pound.stl 22652.9 kB [View»]
human-head-3d-scan.stl 7301.4 kB [View»]
scan-gt2-pulley.stl 24123.2 kB [View»]

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