3D printed tripod ball head for gopro camera

Title: 3D printed tripod ball head for gopro camera. Watch on youtube:

Tags: ball head, tripod ball head, gopro ball head, gopro, strength test, product design, epoxy,

I needed a small tripod ball head for my Gopro camera and my small Hama tripod. This tripod is flexible, but it is easier to point camera in direction using a ball head. In this video I am designing and testing 3 versions. At the end of the video I am testing how strong is the camera holder, will it hold a Gopro camera of 0.1 kg weight.
Content of the video:
v1: 1:29
v2: 5:38
v3: 9:26
break test: 14:07

STL files can be downloaded below this text.
I strongly recommend version no3, BUT if somebody wants to do some experimenting, all STL files are available for free download..

Ball and excenter (or screw) I recommend to print in PETG material with at least 3-4 perimeters of printing and at least 50% infill.
Pusher and body can be printed in PLA.

In my printing some post processing was needed on edge of the pusher (see the video).

Break test was made with balls (camera holders) PLA, PLA+Epoxy and PETG.

Download files:

ball_head_v1_ball.stl 507.7 kB [View»]
ball_head_v1_body.stl 225.4 kB [View»]
ball_head_v1_pusher.stl 390.3 kB [View»]
ball_head_v1_screw.stl 269.6 kB [View»]
ball_head_v2_ball.stl 477.7 kB [View»]
ball_head_v2_body.stl 322.3 kB [View»]
ball_head_v2_pusher.stl 356.2 kB [View»]
ball_head_v2_screw.stl 277.5 kB [View»]
ball_head_v3.0_logo.f3d 908.3 kB
ball_head_v3_ball.stl 477.7 kB [View»]
ball_head_v3_body.stl 358.3 kB [View»]
ball_head_v3_excenter.stl 96.3 kB [View»]
ball_head_v3_pusher.stl 356 kB [View»]
ball_head_v3_ring.stl 134.3 kB [View»]

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