SLA (9000R) vs MJF (PA12-HP) 3D printing services from JLCPCB

Title: SLA (9000R) vs MJF (PA12-HP) 3D printing services from JLCPCB. Watch on youtube:

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Presenting and testing 3D printing services by JLCPCB. Beside PCB manufacturing, they offer 3D printing services too. JLCPCB printed my regular test specimens from SLA (9000R resin) and MJF (PA12-HP Nylon). In one of my next videos I will place another order to compare FDM (ABS) vs SLM (316L stainless steel) materials.

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0:00 Introduction to JLCPCB
0:50 About SLA material
1:20 About MJF material
2:14 Ordering process
3:17 Unboxing
3:34 Inspecting the Resin object
4:51 Inspecting Nylon objects
6:59 Tensile test
7:22 Layer adhesion test
7:41 Shear stress test
8:29 Bending test
9:13 Torque (twist) test
10:15 Impact test
11:16 Hardness
11:40 Temperature test
13:09 Creep test
15:08 Results
18:03 Conclusions

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Download files:

sla-mjf-results.xlsx 50.2 kB

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