Testing Eryone dual color filaments

Title: Testing Eryone dual color filaments. Watch on youtube:

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Testing Eryone silk dual color filaments. Combination of two colors in one filament should results object to have one color from one side and other color from opposite side. But will it twist during 3D printing? Is that a problem at all? Let's find out..
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STL files from the video:
Bulge Twist Vase by eekdad_3D:
Minnie by zacleung (3D printed with 60% size):
Trophy cup designed by mytechfun, downloadable from

0:00 Introduction
1:16 Unboxing
2:37 3D printing
9:05 All objects from this video
9:46 Conclusions

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Download files:

trophy-base.stl 110.9 kB [View»]
trophy-cup.stl 2936.5 kB [View»]

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