Brilliance Laser Inks with diode lasers - engraving (marking) steel, aluminum, brass, copper

Title: Brilliance Laser Inks with diode lasers - engraving (marking) steel, aluminum, brass, copper. Watch on youtube:

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Black Metal Laser Spray by Brilliance Laser Inks is an aerosol spray designed for marking metals in combination with CO2 and fiber lasers. Nowadays diode lasers become very strong, so I wanted to find out what can we do with 5W or 10W diode lasers too. Tested materials: stainless steel, regular steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

Product from the video:

Microscope used in the video:
Review video:
Banggood link:

Laser engravers from this video:
TTS-55 (5W)
Atomstack P9 (10W)

Final settings used in this video:
With every setting: S1000 (max power), M3 (constant power). 14 Lines/mm (started with 12), Speed variate.

5W (TTS-55)
Stainless steel: 1600 mm/min
Alu, Brass, Copper - marking not permanent

10W (Atomstack P9)
Stainless steel: 1600 mm/min
Regular steel: 800 mm/min
Alu: 100 mm/min (marking strong, but black color visible on scratching object)
Brass: 400 mm/min (marking looks very durable on 2 days test, but scratchable with sharp object)
Copper: 200 mm/min marking strong but it's coming down if scratched.

0:00 Introduction
1:36 Tested materials
2:02 Possibility of diode lasers
2:46 Preparing the engraving
4:16 5W on stainless steel
6:43 5W on aluminum
8:40 5W on brass
10:15 5W on copper
10:55 Moving to 10W laser
11:05 10W on stainless steel
11:49 10W on aluminum
13:23 10W on brass
15:17 10W on copper
16:35 10W on regular steel
17:55 Under the microscope
18:51 Conclusions

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