It's long: Atomstack extension kit for laser engravers

Title: It's long: Atomstack extension kit for laser engravers. Watch on youtube:

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On the test: Atomstack extension kit for compatible laser engravers which will raise the Y axis from 400 to 850 mm.

Installed on Pergear LaserStorm S10:
List of all laser engraver videos:

Support answer about too short cable:
Attomstack: "Sorry for this mistake. You are correct, the cable is wrong, please contact the seller (Banggood) to correct this mistake."
Banggood: They are sending new cable

0:00 Introduction
1:54 Unboxing
2:28 Installation
8:44 Testing the cable length
9:51 Test Engraving - short
11:27 Test engraving - long object
12:40 Conclusions

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