How strong is PC-CF? Prusament carbon fiber PC blend

Title: How strong is PC-CF? Prusament carbon fiber PC blend. Watch on youtube:

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Let's find out how strong is Carbon Fiber PC blend by Prusament and compare it to the regular PC blend 3D printing filament. In this video I am testing not only the mechanical properties, but also the printability and dimensional stability.
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0:00 Introduction
1:57 Unboxing
3:16 Nozzle replacing
4:53 Preparing the printing
5:20 Temperature tower
8:16 Printing test objects
9:30 Annealing
10:31 Dimensional accuracy
13:15 Tensile test
13:53 Layer adhesion test
14:25 Shear test
14:45 Torque (twist) test
15:20 Bending test
15:51 Impact test
16:48 Temperature test
18:51 Creep test
21:06 Results
23:34 Conclusions

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