Great woodworking tool: Enjoywood CEL-E10 10W Laser engraver

Title: Great woodworking tool: Enjoywood CEL-E10 10W Laser engraver. Watch on youtube:

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Enjoywood CEL-E10 is a great and strong diode laser engraver. It deservs the name, since this 10W laser is great for engraving and cutting of the wood. It is compatible with Atomstack equipment (display, air assist..)
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Air assist kit mentioned in the video:

0:00 Introduction
0:12 Specifications
1:08 Unboxing
2:51 Assembling
3:16 First impressions
5:08 Setting the focus
5:26 Starting the software
6:28 Engraving wood
8:31 Cutting wood
10:59 Cardboard paper
11:35 Cutting black acrylic
12:09 Engraving stainless steel
13:10 Offline engraving (TF card)
14:33 Conclusions
16:35 Suggestions for cutting

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