Budget 3D printer able to print on 300°C - Sovol SV06 review

Title: Budget 3D printer able to print on 300°C - Sovol SV06 review. Watch on youtube:

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Sovol SV06 is a 3D printer equipped with a direct drive extruder and all metal hotend. It can 3D print even on 300°C. For this price it contains other nice features, like flexible PEI sheet, dual Z axis, silent stepper motor drivers, inductive auto leveling sensor etc. The design is very similar to Prusa MK3S but the bed size and print volume is like Ender3-V2. Interesting part of SV06 is the planetary extruder with high drive ratio, this means smaller motor can provide the torque required for filament pushing.
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0:00 About SV06
2:42 Unboxing, analyzing parts
6:57 Assembling
11:04 Leveling
12:57 Inserting filament
13:46 3D printing sample gcode
15:19 Stepper motor temperatures
16:54 Benchy (sample gcode)
18:22 Slicer settings
19:21 Calibration cube (own gcode)
19:39 Spiral (vase) mode (PLA)
20:21 TPU filament print
22:06 PETG 3D printing
23:02 ASA 3D printing (270°C)
24:07 Conclusions

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