Pin Support Challenge - test with 6 different 3D printers

Title: Pin Support Challenge - test with 6 different 3D printers. Watch on youtube:

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Looks like we have a new trend in 3D printing testing, a pin support challenge. I decided to test it with 6 different 3D printers. First 3 are with bowden style- and last 3 with direct drive extruder.
Important to understand, that here we don't have an STL file, but only the g-code generated by the website:
Good practice is to check if the g-code will fit to your 3D printer, load it into your slicer or g-code viewer.
Tested 3D printers: Sapphire Plus, Ender-3 V2, FLSUN Super Racer, Sovol SV06, Prusa MK3S, Ender-3 S1.
If you decide to try this challange, you could upload a picture to my Facebook page. Use "PinSupportChallenge" tag.

0:00 Introduction
0:39 About pin support challenge
2:00 Test on Sapphire Plus
3:11 Ender-3 V2
3:37 FLSUN Super Racer
4:22 Sovol SV06
5:23 Prusa MK3S
6:33 Ender-3 S1
7:16 Side-by-side comparison
8:00 Final words

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