Revopoint Dual-axis turtable for Mini 3D scanner

Title: Revopoint Dual-axis turtable for Mini 3D scanner. Watch on youtube:

Tags: 3dprint, 3dscan, revopoint,

Dual axis turntable is designed to make accurate 3D scanning and removing the need to adjust the object's position when scanning. The result is very similar to method, where the position of the scanner is changed between two passes.

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0:00 Introduction
2:27 Unboxing
3:37 Power ON, connecting
4:17 Settings
4:58 First 3D Scan (sample object)
6:32 Scanning the Benchy
7:28 Unicorn toy
8:24 Barbie shoe
8:53 Barbie boots (tilt check)
9:58 Final thoughts

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