Review of a super quiet Artillery SW-X2 (Sidewinder X2) 3D printer

Title: Review of a super quiet Artillery SW-X2 (Sidewinder X2) 3D printer. Watch on youtube:

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Nice thing about Artillery3D company is that instead of just creating a new types, they are improving their existing models. Artillery Sidewinder X2 is one of them, this 3D printer is a member of a lot of print farms (with a reason). Very quiet machine with huge print volume (300x300x400mm).

Artillery 3d official website:
Aliexpress store link:

Other, from the video:
3D printer noise comparison:
Sound level meter:
Thermal camera:
Doorstop 1:
Doorstop 2:

0:00 About SW-X2
1:16 Unboxing
1:55 Assembling
4:24 Turning ON
4:46 Overview
6:25 Leveling
7:57 Inserting filament
8:13 Cube
9:54 Cura Slicer
10:17 Benchy
11:01 Long holder
11:54 Noise measuring
12:16 Thermal camera
12:53 Spiral vase mode
14:38 Power consumption
15:06 TPU flexible filament
16:08 Conclusions

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