Carbon Fiber PLA vs META-PLA vs PLA+ vs PLA by Sunlu

Title: Carbon Fiber PLA vs META-PLA vs PLA+ vs PLA by Sunlu. Watch on youtube:

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Big Sunlu PLA filament comparison: Carbon Fiber PLA vs META-PLA vs PLA+ vs regular PLA. Regular PLA, PLA+ and META PLA are send to me by Sunlu for the testing. The CF PLA I bought myself to include it in this comparison.
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0:00 Introduction
1:25 About tested filaments
2:31 Unboxing
4:22 Regular PLA (3D printing)
5:51 META-PLA (3D printing)
7:12 PLA+ (3D printing)
8:15 Carbon Fiber PLA
10:25 Temperature towers side-by-side
10:50 Tensile (pulling) test
11:41 Layer adhesion test
12:34 Shear test
13:18 Bending test
14:08 Torque (twist) test
15:11 Impact test (IZOD)
16:39 Creep test
18:34 Temperature test
19:50 Hardness
20:41 Results
23:00 Conclusions

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Download files:

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