Sovol SV04 - a great IDEX (two color) 3D printer (review, testing)

Title: Sovol SV04 - a great IDEX (two color) 3D printer (review, testing). Watch on youtube:

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SV04 is a great IDEX 3D printer (with two independent extruders) with huge 3D printing volume of 300x300x400mm. Volume is reduced if printer is used in copy or mirror mode. It is equipped with a lot of extra features (common upgrades on budget machines) like flexible print sheet, direct drive extruders, dual Z motors with independent stepper drivers (for G34 auto Z leveling), filament sensor etc. It requires more time with calibration and leveling, but if set correctly, it can produce great objects.

Product link:

Objects and materials from the video:
AzureFilm gold silk PLA: (review video)
PolyMaker PETG:
Christmas tree:
Spool holder spacer download STL below this text.

0:00 Introduction, specifications
1:30 Unboxing
2:34 Assembling
4:52 Turning ON, first move
5:16 Leveling explained in 2D
7:07 The Leveling
8:10 Calibration
9:30 Two color XYZ cube
10:25 Mirror mode printing (cube)
11:11 Pin Support Challenge
12:10 Adding SV04 to Cura slicer
13:17 Benchy
14:22 Benchy in two colors
15:34 Hilbert cube (PVA supports)
17:12 Spiral (vase) mode
18:36 Fixed spiral (vase) mode
19:03 PETG (spacer for spool holder)
19:58 Conclusions

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Download files:

sv04-spool-holder-spacer.stl 137.5 kB [View»]

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