Carbon Fiber ASA vs regular ASA by 3DO

Title: Carbon Fiber ASA vs regular ASA by 3DO. Watch on youtube:

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Let's compare carbon fiber ASA with regular ASA, mostly from mechanical strength aspect. Filaments are sent by 3DO.
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0:00 Introduction
2:08 Unboxing
2:33 Preparing for 3D printing
3:50 3D printing with ASA
6:19 3D printing with Carbon Fiber ASA
8:34 Tensile (pulling) test
9:26 Layer adhesion test
9:56 Bending test
10:42 Shear test
11:06 Torque test
11:35 IZOD impact test
12:33 Creep test
13:49 Temperature test
14:32 3D printing with 0.3mm layer height
15:16 3D printing with 0.4mm nozzle
16:05 Results
19:04 Conclusions

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Download files:

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