Sovol SV06 Plus - the SV06 became bigger and faster

Title: Sovol SV06 Plus - the SV06 became bigger and faster. Watch on youtube:

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Sovol SV06 was one of the best (kind of) Prusa clones. It has sensorless homing, similar linear motion, able to 3D print on 300°C. Now we have SV06 PLUS, which is not only bigger than SV06 but it also has additional and improved elements and it is able to print on 150 mm/s speeds.
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Sovol website:

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D6 Dice as calibration cube:
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0:00 Introduction
1:14 Specifications
2:07 Unboxing
3:30 Assembling
4:28 Overview
5:53 Turning ON
6:29 Leveling
8:19 Inserting filament
9:02 Benchy (manufacturer gcode)
9:24 Menu during 3D printing
10:31 Back to Benchy
11:07 Sovol cura (slicer)
11:42 Calibration cube (own gcode)
12:34 Longer 3D printing (6h)
13:37 Bed heating time
14:05 Spiral (vase) mode printing
14:41 Printing on higher temperatures
15:25 Flexible filament (TPU)
16:30 Conclusions - what I Like
17:40 Dislike

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